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Chrome Campfire Notifications

I ended up getting one of those nifty Cr-48 laptops that Google has been giving out. I haven’t written anything about it because, well, it’s like using Chrome. If you’ve used the browser (and especially if you’re a power user) you won’t find much new. There’s very little that I do outside of the context of a browser, and if I consider the Chrome OS laptop my portable machine (to be used in conjunction with a desktop), there’s really nothing that can’t be done online.

The one thing I do miss from the desktop world is desktop notification systems (like Growl, or the native Windows/Linux ones) that I could use with my native Campfire clients. Luckily Chrome (and by extension Chrome OS) supports desktop notifications natively as well, so I created an extension that will take care of this in the browser-only world of Chrome.

Chrome Campfire Notifications is very bare bones at the moment, but I plan to release updates to allow for some amount of configuration. It does work as advertised, though, giving you notifications when Campfire messages come through.